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It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out why this lady had bats on her jumper.

All shall worship the hat.

Matt does magic and balloon things.

He made me a balloon Feegle.

Ankh-Morpork: The Board Game. Coming soon to a store near you! I've played it, and it was fun times.

Death and others playing Thud. Note the adorable Luggage handbag thingie on the left.

This is the part where Terry just sat in the lobby and started talking about things.

Rob came in before Terry, dressed as Twoflower and clacking two halves of a coconut together. Because Terry is a knight and you see what they done there.
They announced him as "Professor Sir Terry Pratchett OBE DLitt DLitt DLitt DLitt DLitt Blackboard Monitor First Class".

That is what is technically known in Australia as a "dunny". After Terry sat down, he announced "There's a spider in here."
Later on:
TERRY: There is still a spider in here.
LORD VETINARI: Is it a black one with a red back?
LORD VETINARI: That's okay; that's only our third-most-poisonous spider.
TERRY: *flails and stamps dramatically*
Terry waits for the laughter to die down, and, with perfect timing, announces "There is no longer a spider in here."

This was the Trial of Vetinari. As you might know, in Fourecks all politicians are arrested and jailed, so Lord Vetinari was detained during the opening ceremony and put on trial the next day.

The jury being sworn in. Moist von Lipwig is up the back. The prosecution originally objected to him as a jury member, but he came back on a few minutes later saying he was called Albert Spangler.

This is the defense counsel, Miss Tan Talising, lately of the Seamstresses' Guild. The name came from Matt texting Tanya, and the auto-correct on his phone changing "Tanya" to "Tantalising". Auto-correct cock-ups: not always a bad thing.


I had to do a quick-change into my more Morris-appropriate attire. I'm the one in the black corset and the jeans.

Post-Dark Morris, after I'd got my goddess gear back on.

Galah Dinner.


Remember the Luggage from earlier? Now we have the full costume.

She also made this gentleman's UU medallion.

The lady in the middle with the red dress was in the Maskerade dressed as an Auditor. Then she whipped off the grey robe to reveal that outfit underneath and introduced herself as Lady LeJean. It was awesome.

Me getting my book signed GLEE

Sue and Tanya after finding out that the charity auction had raised over $15,000.

The lucky winners of the private reading of Snuff with Rob. Rob's wallpaper on his laptop is a picture of him with David Tennant, the lucky so-and-so. He said that John Simm is a huge Discworld fan, too.
That was my favourite corset of the whole weekend, and I think that's the only decent picture I have of it. Shame.

Now, I think this picture backs me up in my belief that Rob is an older Daniel Radcliffe. I told him this during the reading, that his boundless energy and enthusiasm remind me of Daniel Radcliffe in interviews, and look at this photo. Bugger makeup and CGI; they could've got Rob to be Adult Harry in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Afters at the cocktail bar. This was at the Impromptu Poetry Session stage.

As was this.


Monday-morning breakfast with Terry, Rob, the committee, and sundry hangers-on.

And so the con is over.

Please also note the official NA3 Flikr group here.