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Jun. 5th, 2011 01:13 pm
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Now, wait a second.

Okay, let's assume that Melody and River are the same person, and for some reason that she's going by the Random Planet Whatever-It-Was-Called translation of her name. Whatever. Maye she takes it as her professional pseudonym or something. But.

I think there are two major assumptions that we should not be making here. 1: that baby River grows up to be Spacesuit Girl. 2: that Spacesuit Girl was the one who killed the Doctor. As every conjuror knows, your audience is likely to assume that two objects that look identical, but are shown one at a time, are a single object. If I were Eyepatch Lady, I'd be wanting to make a backup of my wee weapon-baby as soon as possible. My money's on a living ganger like in Rebel Flesh/Almost People.

The thing is, if Spacesuit Girl and River were the same person, then Adult River's actions in the first two episodes would make little sense. Wouldn't she have some memory of breaking out of the spacesuit and regenerating in an alley? Same goes for the picnic on the lakeside; she would have remembered killing the Doctor, and not freaked out when he got shot in the middle of regeneration.

So, my pet theory. Team TARDIS will rescue Baby River, but Eyepatch Lady has one or more Ganger backups who have been given independent life. One of these is Spacesuit Girl. She's regenerated, so they may or may not have been able to track her down again. Either she or another of the Gangers is placed in a new non-trashed spacesuit, kills the Doctor, much woe and rending of garments. At some point in her life, the real River finds out that a Ganger of herself killed the Doctor, and she feels terribly guilty and puts herself in prison, albeit on a bit of a revolving-door basis. She doesn't know much about the exact circumstances of the death, which is why she is still shocked at the picnic and doesn't know anything about the spacesuit.

Alternatively, it IS Baby River, and she killed the Doctor because of post-hypnotic suggestion from the Silence (remember how Amy saw one just before the Spacesuit Killer arrived?) and her being unable to remember all of the things is because of the Silence and their mind-wipey power. This seems rife with plot holes, however.

Really, my favourite part is how River was supposed to be the uber-weapon to end the Doctor once and for all, and they end up doing it all over time and space. Talk about an epic backfire.
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