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eruvadhril ([personal profile] eruvadhril) wrote2012-04-21 11:34 pm

Mass Effect 3 ending.

When I heard how everybody hated this ending and how it murdered kittens and ate babies' faces, I thought it'd have to be pretty damn bad for me to hate it all THAT much. My baseline for Worst Game Ending Ever was the D&D-based Neverwinter Nights 2, which collapses an underground ruin on your head immediately after you defeat the Big Bad in a hilarious* Rocks Fall Everyone Dies ending.

Mass Effect 3 forces you to choose which, out of the three rocks they have provided, you would most like them to use to bash in your skull. This... no. You do not end a game this way. Movies or books? Sure. But a game, least of all an RPG, cannot force you to kill your character. That is Not On. Bad form, Bioware.

*A word which here means "utterly infuriating as there is no choice involved and no way to avoid it".