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Kevin Made Me Start A Thing 2: The Blogenning. We'll see how long this lasts.

Today I did the side-quests on Dantooine. Killed a bunch of Mandalorians; had to cross-examine a couple of guys to figure out which of them had done a murder (I triumphantly declared they both done it, then went on to explain how... no, only one of them done it, but the other one was trying so that still counts); had to sort out a family feud which the Jedi masters were sure would destabilise the whole planet if allowed to escalate. It was like a really scaled-down Romeo and Juliet where they didn't have the budget for a whole Montague and Capulet family, so they just went with a father for each of the children and left it at that. The dads want to kill each other because of reasons, and so one of them kidnapped the other's son because he reckons that the other guy murdered his son, but his daughter fancies the guy and is not down with the whole wrongful imprisonment thing and then the dads have a showdown with their battle droids. In the end nothing really came of it; the kids said they'd go to the Enclave, and the dads both said that they'd come to complain, but when I went to the Council they never mentioned it. So much for that.

But now I get to go into SPAAAAACE! It's like being Shepard again, if the Normandy was Firefly-class. First stop is Kashyyyk, a planet entirely covered with one specific species of tree.

Now the main thing that made me decide to do a proper blog post about this was a conversation with Bastila, which I have roughly reproduced here:
"I remember how hard it was when I first faced Revan. I was with the Jedi strike team when we boarded Revan's ship. We did not kill Revan, however. Our mission was to capture Revan. It was Malak who turned on his own master, firing on Revan's ship while we were still on board."

Now this makes me very suspicious. They have gone waaay out of their way to avoid using pronouns there. It puts me in mind of Mass Effect 2 when you're picking up Jack from the prison planet and there's the big reveal that she's actually a woman. Then there was the flashback/dream sequence with Malak and Revan going into the Temple of Doom, and now that I think of it, Revan didn't have any dialogue. Big cloak and face-concealing mask, yeah, fair enough, Darth Vader had the same thing, but also not letting us hear Revan's voice? The only reason they'd do that is if it's a voice we'd recognise from somewhere else. So I reckon Revan is not only a woman, but a woman we've already met. Which means the best candidate is Bastila. I don't know how she would've made everyone forget who she was- galaxy-wide Force Suggestion? Can you implant false memories with the Force? That dream I had earlier with Bastila fighting Revan, could that be some sort of subconscious suggestion that she's transmitting to all the Jedi, and that I picked up on before Jedi training because I was Force-sensitive? Is it Reaper indoctrination?

And! And! Bastila's English! All English people in Star Wars are evil!

I'm guessing that we're going to have a sort of anti-Darth Vader reveal. "I know you're evil because you killed my father!" "No, I AM your father!" turns into "I know you're good because you fought Revan!" "No, I AM Revan! *force choke*" Of course this means I'll spend the rest of the game waiting for her sudden but inevitable betrayal, like when I realised that the ingredients Anders wanted me to help him collect in Dragon Age 2 were actually sulphur and saltpetre. Unfortunately, there's no dialogue option yet for "Sorry, but are you actually Revan?" so I'll just have to wait.

Date: 2013-06-26 10:00 pm (UTC)
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I see your theories here and I love that you came to these conclusions.

All English people in Star Wars are evil!

She has a Coruscanti accent, you'll notice that Obi-Wan Kenobi has the same one because Jedi are trained from practically babies on Coruscant.



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