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So earlier I was taking the piss about how Kashyyyk is entirely covered by a single species of tree. Turns out the Protheans the Star Map People (Star Cartographers? Startographers.) made that happen deliberately, because of reasons. And then Revan connected this holographic interface thing to it afterwards. Jolee was so indignant that I was able to access the computer, bless him. I obviously have matching neural patterns because I'm ~The Chosen One~ and/or because the plot would've stopped dead if I hadn't. The security system seems weirdly convoluted, though. Prisoner's Dilemma and other hypotheticals so that only someone with a matching psychological profile may pass. Why not just use a password? And all data about Revan has been wiped from the system memory, so the disappearing act must have been planned way in advance. And then I failed the test because I'm not enough of a dick, but then I killed some droids so it's okay and I can have the Star Map after all and I don't get it. See above re. Chosen One/plot convenience.

Restoring the rightful chieftain like a boss. And I'm finally out of the Shadowlands which means I don't have to listen to any more of those god-damned monkeys shrieking.

And everybody's willing to consider the peaceful option and talk it out, except for the power-hungry slave-trading usurper. WHAT A SHOCK. It is possible that Force Stunning everyone in the room and shanking them is not "honourable" by Wookie standards, but the bastards have half a metre and fifty kilos on me. I don't call that fair.

And then this random Twi'lek gave me a datapad telling me to come to some planet and to Come Alone. You're going to have to take a number, mate.

It's no wonder the Jedi are all so emotionally maladjusted when company policy is "feelings are a dangerous weakness". This is an excellent thing to be teaching small children who have been separated from their families and denied all contact with them and the more I talk here the more this starts to sound like a straight-up cult. Screw the Jedi, man. New plan: Bastila is not Revan, she is just a normal Jedi. And then we will find her father on one of the planets we're visiting, and they will be reunited, and Bastila will realise that emotions are not evil, and they will go out for ice-cream together the end.
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