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There was so much amazing stuff going on, I'm going to have to do this as a collection of bullet points, because I know that if I try to do it as any kind of cohesive narrative it's going to turn into a detailed twenty-page recap of the past three-and-a-half days.

- I met Terry on Friday morning. I'd come downstairs with the intention of going outside to find a shop that might sell me a toothbrush, and Terry was sitting in the lobby. I may have done a rather embarrassing double-take, but smiled and said hello. He said "You must be a fan, dressed like that." (I was in a long black dress and short black jackety thing) "Sit down and talk to me; I'm so fucking bored." Within two sentences the man makes me laugh out loud. He told me that they'd stuck him in a room up in the attic, and that the budgerigars were very noisy. He also told me that, in Italy, if you ask for a room "tranquilo" they give you a room which is basically in the basement and it's like a crypt, which he liked because it's quiet. Then he said there were mirrors in his bathroom, and that he's allergic to mirrors. I said he was starting to sound like a vampire, and he said I looked like I'd like that. Then Rob came and took him to breakfast.

- The Snowgum Films presentation showed a remastered copy of Run Rincewind Run. I hadn't seen it on the big screen before, so that was fun. They'd also done up a plug for the Troll Bridge Kickstarter page, to which everyone should go and pledge money.

- I decided to join the Dark Morris, and it went surprisingly well considering we'd done about forty-five minutes' practice in total. Tanya, being the total dear that she is, gave us all our Morris bell leg thingies to keep.

- Walking out of Philosophy of Discworld, it turned out that Terry had gathered about thirty people around him and was just telling stories about things like his sword and his arsenic collection and the sewers of Victorian London and the time that he went to a Finnish Discworld convention where they'd translated the Spanish Inquisition sketch into Finnish- "Mumble-mumble-mumble Soft Cushions! Mumble-mumble-mumble Comfy Chair! Mumble-mumble-mumble Cardinal Biggles!"- and how all of the Brits there were rolling in the aisles despite only actually recognising one word in twenty.

- The Opening Ceremony! Steve makes a fabulous Lord Vetinari. Matt was awesome with his magic show, and then Steve interviewed Terry, which is always a treat. He's always totally fascinating, no matter what the topic is.

- The costumes. Ye gods above. The Maskerade was fantastic, but the people who didn't take part were fantastic too. My favourite would have to be Vena. Brilliant stuff.

- BEDTIME STORIES. Rob, in his pajamas, read us a decent portion of Snuff. Yeah, you know you're jealous :D

- Scumble tastes of burning.

- The Trial of Vetinari was very funny. Special mention to Tanya who played the part of Miss Tan Talising with aplomb.

- The Quirm College for Young Ladies (Co-Ed), which is the team I was on, won the UU Quiz! 104 out of 120! WOOT. We got chocolates and lollypops and a small golden trophy.

- Granny Weatherwax, Blind Io and I (as Patina) won the Great Debate. The Librarian lead the cheers enthusiastically and Young Nanny Ogg argued with Granny the whole way through from the front row.

- The food at the Gala Dinner was delicious. There was some sort of chocolate torte that I had for desert that tasted just like brownies. We got to see Martin Pearson perform, which is the highlight of any day (CAN NEVER BE BUUUUUUG-GEEEEEERED, BE BUGGERED AT AAAAAAAAAAAAALL!) and we were taught some folk dances.

- Book signing! Got there two hours early, at 8 am, and was the first one in the queue. I'd brought Nation and Once More With Footnotes, not having decided yet which one I wanted signed. Then I started reading Footnotes while I was waiting, and it turned into my favourite, as tends to happen with whichever book I'm currently reading, so I got that one signed.

- More Martin Pearson on Sunday. We got to sing The Two Towers Song and The Hedgehog Song again, and we also did The Balrog Song. Martin sang Bold Carter, Lancelot and Guinevere, and The Word Museum Song, and recited Rindecella.

- Sooo, the charity auction. Rob put both his pajamas and the pages of Snuff up as a surprise last-minute lot. I was one of the final two bidding, but pulled out at $1,150. *shakes fist* Damn you Krystel! On the upside, I did win something: Two other ladies and I got a private reading of the last section of the preview portion of Snuff, which Rob hadn't had time to read at Bedtime Stories or his interview sessions. We got photos, and Rob gave us his business card which has the cutest little cartoon of him on it, and said we should email him and we'd get copies of Snuff signed by Terry AND by him.
I think everyone at the con was a little bit in love with Rob by the end.

- Rob and Terry gave Steve a signed reprint of the Colour of Magic with the original cover on, and that made HIM cry, and then Rhianna's painting went for about nine hundred dollars, which shocked nobody but her, I think, and then in the end we'd raised over $15,000, and Sue and Tanya just turned into sobbing wrecks.

- AFTERS! A dozen of us, including Rob, turned up at the bar pretty much straight afterwards. We all had a drink and then went to the Chinese restaurant upstairs, and after we'd all eaten Rob said he was shouting us all dinner. So then we went to the cocktail bar across the walkway and everyone bought him drinks.

- Sudden impromptu games of Werewolf at the bar, because Pat happened to have the cards on him. Drunken Werewolf is far superior to the normal sort.

- Sudden impromptu poetry recital at the bar. Martin gave an Australian poem recapping Romeo and Juliet, and then someone (I can't remember your name, I'm sorry!) gave us some war poetry. I said to the lady beside me (again, can't remember the name) that the only poems I know are by Tim Minchin, and suddenly Martin's got his guitar out and is playing the Pope Song. So I harmonised. Then I got up and recited Storm while Martin did back-up music on his guitar.
I have performed with Martin Pearson, you guys. And he shook my hand afterwards and said it was a pleasure. I thought I would explode from the cumulative fangirl glee of the past six hours.

- Breakfast with the committee this morning, and with Terry and Rob when they came down. There was a last spate of signings by Terry and Rob, as everyone had brought a couple of things on the off chance that he wouldn't mind signing them. I got my convention passport signed and stamped :D

- General hanging about afterwards. Kym crashed in my hotel room overnight so she would be able to stay for afters and not drive home, so this morning after breakfast we helped pack up the stuff in the convention room and saw Rob and Terry off. Terry found time to give us one last rambling dissertation about why he's wearing the white clothes in the Good Omens photograph (turns out it's because a: Neil only owns black clothes, and b: there was some international tension at the time, and Terry thought that, if any extremists took objection to the book, they're more likely to go for the man dressed in black) and about a place up in the north of Australia which is basically where he got the setting for Nation. It has the little red crabs, and the trees, and hills that look like they could become mountains, and Regrettable Examples. He said that he could show you the exact spot on that beach where he sees Mau standing watch.

- Krystel's invited me to her Game of Thrones premiere party back in Perth. Let the geeky times roll!

To Terry and Rob, to the committee, to the volunteers, and to all of the people I met this weekend, thank you. I hope you all had as fantastic a time as I did.

Date: 2011-04-13 08:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've found your link thru Twitter since I've been following the goings-on Down Under with interest. :)

What a great report! It makes me long to go to another Con. (I went to my first one here in the UK last year.) All the fun, the random conversation, the creativity and generosity... oh, it could only happen at a DW Con. Thanks so much for sharing!

I did contribute a couple of sketches to the auction which raised a little bit of money, so I'm proud of that. :) I can't believe how much money was raised! An amazing achievement.

(And are all our various Convention Vetinaris called Stephen/Steven...? :D Teehee.)

~Grace Francis [ profile] jurious


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