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On the ship, I tried to strike up conversation with Jolee and he told me to piss off, which is disappointing. Bastila was more than happy to warn me about the dangers of the Dark Side some more, though, so that was nice. She'll say that it's a slow and subtle process, but then in the same breath she's talking like there's some huge trial I'm about to face that'll turn me to the Dark Side immediately if I'm not... Light-side enough, I guess. As soon as I start asking for specifics she's off about how "our vision of the future is clouded by the Dark Side". Aye, right, that bloody Dark side, getting its Dark all over everything. Any time anything happens, it's either side of the Force doing it. Of course, anything that benefits us is the Light Side, and anything that works against us is the Dark Side. So much for free will.

Meanwhile, Carth is- not entirely unreasonably- concerned that he's punching a wee bit above his weight going up against Sith every five minutes. Poor chap. He's annoyed at the Jedi, too; he reckons they know more than they're saying and it pisses him off that we're not being given all of the available information. Fair dos, that pisses me off, too. Bloody Jedi.

Canderous has the best stories. I think he might have unleashed a Reaper or a Great Old One or something from a methane asteroid.

Juhani is not used to having people who accept her and is getting kind of emotional about it.

I thought Zaalbar would have more to say, but he's pretty happy with life right now. Mission, on the other hand, has convinced herself that her brother was not a gold-plated bell-end who abandoned her, and that he totally meant to come back for her eventually, and sod this for a lark we're going to Tatooine and sorting this out. Katrina's boyfriend said I ought to go to Tatooine next because we get a new party member there, so that works out nicely. (He also asked whether I'd got to "the twist" yet. I must have looked blank, because he said "Never mind, you'll know it when you get there." Hmm.)

Pit-stop on Dantooine to drop Sasha off, but we get stopped by a friend of Jolee's. We need to go to Manaan because one of his mates has been accused of murder, so that'll be next on the list. And the very next guy we run into happens to be looking for Sasha! What're the odds. I did get to ask Jolee why he decided to come with me, and he avoided the question by talking about an old travelling companion who was marked by the Force to have a great destiny. This turned out to take the form of being murdered, having his body thrown into a ventilation shaft, and then, in a million-to-one chance, causing the nuclear reactor to explode as he hit just the wrong thing on his way down. The Force is a dick. It gave Bastila and me a vision of the next Star Map on Tatooine, so we know it's in a cave somewhere, but Bastila says that there are probably loads of them all over the planet. Would a set of GPS coordinates be so difficult, Force? You're already giving us visions, so it's not a matter of your not being able to interfere. I can only conclude that you're being deliberately obtuse.

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I also suggested Tatooine next, so yay validation!

Whenever you end up going to Manaan, take Jolee with you because he's got story there.

Canderous was a direct inspiration for Zaeed; he's also the crotchety old bounty hunter who tells you stories from his past. If you got to the asteroid one, that was a direct reference to the New Jedi Order books which were still coming out at the time KOTOR was made/released; the implication that the asteroid that jumped to hyperspace was a Yuuzhan Vong scout vessel.


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Yay, Zaeed is the best no matter what form he is in :D

*Googles* The Yuuzhan Vong don't half look like Vorcha. Do they not even turn up in the MMO?

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Wrong era. The Yuuzhan Vong left the galaxy long before KOTOR and don't return until ~25 years after the movies. There hasn't been a Star Wars game set past 10 years after, which is disappointing but oh well. I'd love a Mass Effect style Knights Of The New Republic.


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